#Enough– new release from RCR artist Isaac Castillo

In solidarity with the #StudentWalkout today, we’re proud to release Isaac Castillo‘s mashup song featuring Arthur James. We’ve had #ENOUGH. Thank you March for our Lives​ and National Student Walkout Against Gun Violence​ and the students of Parkland, Florida for your leadership. This song is for you with love.

Here’s a statement from the artist:

There are students being shot and killed at schools across the United States. As a music teacher, I have seen lockdown drills and the awareness of gun violence become commonplace to students who are too young to even pack themselves a lunch. We hide in our classroom and hope these drills, hiding behind desks and barricading doors, never become reality– the reality of violence we see time and time again. These are not soldiers, these are not police officers. They are students. They are children. I dedicate this song to those who have been robbed of their chance to live a full life and to those of us who still have a chance to save the lives of so many hopeful and strong willed students. Students have a right to learn, thrive and feel safe in their classrooms.

By supporting #MarchForOurLives, you support a student-led resistance to this cycle of violence. Thank you!


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