Music Releases

Recent releases from Rolling Crone Records.
If you like the music, we encourage you to purchase or share as you are able, as it supports these artists in continuing to share their art.


“Darkness That Is The Light” (December 2018), Single, Alexandra Blakely

“Right Back at You” (December 2018), EP, Erika Lundahl with Isaac Castillo

“Tukwila Moon” (December 2018), EP, Tukwila Moon

“Seeds” (June 2018), Single, Pink Shadows

“Dear Earth” (April 2018), Album, Isaac Castillo

“#Enough” (March 2018), Isaac Castillo feat. Arthur James

“Aim for the Center – Live in Bellingham” (February 2018), Erika Lundahl

“Believe in Blue” (February 2018), Isaac Castillo

“Brambles” (September 2016), Animals of Grace

“[Brambles] is the band’s most fully-realized and quintessential release to date…Folk music fans of the northwest, meet your new favorite band.”                                       – Northwest Music Scene blog

A Raging Forest (September 2016)

“Songs of Shattering” (August 2015), Animals of Grace
Music inspired by the beautiful struggle between wilderness and urban spaces, using the poetry of queer 20th century poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay.